Dominionated Podcast

Dominionated’s Favourite Fifty Albums of 2018

December 31, 2018

Mac, Geoff and Jim flip through the 2018 edition of DOMINIONATED's annual Favourite Fifty list and go deep on the top 10. 

Featured Songs:

Fille de personne II - Hubert Lenoir

Minotaur Forgiving Minos - Moonface

Show You the Valley - Young Galaxy

A Memory - Scott Orr

Peace and Love - Suuns

The One I Want Will Come For Me - Fucked Up

There Are a Thousand - Helena Deland

Rage of Plastics - U.S. Girls 

Empty Husk - Daniel Romano

Mehcinut - Jeremy Dutcher

blind- Jean-Michel Blais

Texas - Jennifer Castle

'We Always Change' Reprise Pt. 2 - Jennifer Castle